• Sarah Close

How time flies

Hello and good afternoon afternoon from L+S Training.

Can't believe its the end of January already and so far busy busy busy!!!

By the looks of the daily hustle and bustle, everyone has hit the ground running after the Christmas and new year without a second to spare.

It has been all over the news the last week how schools as well as teachers arn't up to the standards required for First Aid and how they are trying to bring First Aid in to the normal teaching criteria for pupils so they would know how to deal with a situation wether at home or out and about.

All I can say is...... ABOUT TIME!!!

This is not a subject that should be take lightly as it saves lives and you never know if one day you are saving the life of a loved one.

Give us a ring and we will see what we can do. Don't leave it till it is too late, you can make a difference, you can MAKE IT COUNT.

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