• Sarah Close

Exciting times ahead

Evening on this very wet, soggy Wednesday from head office of L+S Training Ltd. I am very pleased and excited to be writing our very first blog.

First of all WELCOME.

The next few weeks are going to be fast and furious as I am departing from the Armed Forces to take up the business and new adventure full time so courses will be available consistently from Dec/Jan and onwards so keep an eye out for availabilities.

We have Christmas creeping upon us and before we know it, up to our necks in wrapping paper, mince pies and lots of alcohol.

This time of the year is for celebrations and excitement, not trips to A+E with emergencies so please be careful and if you want to be prepared 'just incase' please don't hesitate to contact us and book onto a course especially as we haven't hit the worst of the winter weather yet and no doubt snow at some point.

short and sweet is the way to be, so signing off for now and will update you with information and news soon. for now take care. Sarah

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